Prologue & History

Since its establishment in March 1997,Sign Industries has brought about a revolution in signs and allied products in Tanzania, contemporary signage to the nation.

However, while we had abolished the stereotypes in signage, and were feeling justifiably proud of our success, the poignant reality was that technology had begun to replace talented artists and craftsmen who had inherited rich talents from their forefathers, and such artists were becoming an endangered species . As this scenario was developing and became inevitable, we decided to combat the sad situation in a positive way and thus embarked upon a training programme to involve and absorb  talented local craftsmen in using their skills in combination with technology, hence enabling them to keep active and retain them in the mainstream of business. The result was overwhelmingly successful, and eventually facilitated Sign Industries‘growth to a position of dominant market-share We also  manifested and established a fact, that those who were intimidated by sophistication and shunned from jumping into the technology bandwagon would soon become obsolete.

During the same period, We also became increasingly aware of the lack of neon lightingin our cities, without which our skyline appeared dull, colourless and static. The neon industry in Tanzania has closed in about 1960 after the European tube-benders left the country just before independence. By mid- 1997, we were studying the possibility of bringing the neonback, which had remained dormant for almost 35 years.
There was no turning back! By November of the same year, Sign Industries had the firstneon sign flashing on a roof top. It was the dawn of a new brightness that would forever aluminate and change the general appearance of our cities and enhance our skyline. The rebirth of neon in Tanzania was a challenge as well as an opportunity, and our dream of being the leaders in matters of signage was becoming a reality.

As you can look at our signs nationwide, we hope our dream is being realized before your own eyes, and we are eager to keep quality-appealing signs as part of our life style. We pledge our efforts to bring new products into the market place to better serve the needs of general signage. Sign industries thus created a new trend in Corporate Culture
It is indeed a matter of great pride that in such a short time, Sign Industries has become the recognized leader in its field, and has been awarded the nation’s most prestigious sign projects. The secret behind such is dedication and the zeal to lead and remain ahead in the industry.
We do not have competitors, as such, since we consider other sign makers as our colleagues sharing the same market, and we are proud to be able to extend help and advice to them whenever asked for. But of course our long and wide international exposure and diversified has given us an unfair advantage, envied by many!.
Our  current client base is the cream of Tanzania’s top corporate accounts and includes most bank, communication operators, utility providers, architects, builders, designers, consultants and estate management, and extends beyond retail business-owners locally and up- country.

Sign Industries enjoys nationwide recognition, supplying and installing signs all over the country. Our ‘sky-marks’ have lent a brighter edge to our skylines and edifices, and our neon sign atop the PPF Toweris the highest and biggest sign from ground zero in the country . Today Sign Industrieshas been considered as an authority in terms of signage and our recognition has been so overwhelming, that national newspapers and reputed magazines have given us coverage  and praised our products ‘ The builder magazines have chosen products by Sign Industries,in their cover page. We were also invited to give lectures and demonstration on signs and allied products at national level.
Sign Industries will continue to bring  innovative ideas to the general signage industry there by creating the culture of the language of visual communication.

We are ready to share our secrets, experience and success with you!