Designer Signs

By: M. P. Esmail – CEO Sign Industries Ltd.

Although signs are one of the most important elements of our daily life, they are also some of the most unappreciated components of our living. Yet with all their numerous uses and countless applications, signs are vital for our safety and comfort. We need them to inform and direct us and at the same time they activate and vitalize our buildings, towns and cities.

In the absence of proper way-finding and directional signs, shopping trips would be a huge confusion without retail signs, while road traffic would be endlessly chaotic without traffic signs.  Simple navigation would be a nightmare. In the current times, no passenger terminal could be considered complete without detailed signage in place directing and controlling passenger movement and continually updating information using contemporary methods and electronic information boards.

Every now and then, new regulations and guidelines are being introduced and implementation is enforced for certain signs that regulate colour code, shape, size, fonts, reflectivity, material and so forth. Numerous factors and criteria are taken into account for its visibility, legibility, interpretation and visual message that is supposed to be given in a short time. It is now mandatory for every public transport vessel, whether flying high in the air or on the ground or sub-marine, to have safety and evacuation signs in self-luminous materials. A simple ‘exit’ sign can make the difference between life and death, while an elegant flashing rooftop sign can attract unexpected business.  Life without signage can barely be imagined!

But quite apart from their practical use, signs are now being celebrated for their decorative effects. Imaginatively crafted, zestfully developed designs, fashioned to fit the aesthetics of their surroundings, generate appeal with sleek and lustrous looks yet practical and affordable, are all increasingly becoming popular in demand.

These modern signs can no longer be considered passive as they have been transforming dull-looking edifices and previously drab urban areas into vibrancy, creating appeal and elegance in the work place and adding colours to townscapes. In my opinion, signs can now be considered part of the fashion industry, creating the ‘New sign culture’, which is why I call them ‘Designer’s Signs’ just as we have designer clothing, handbags, perfume, footwear, sunglasses and even fountain pen, then why not ‘Designer Signs’?

In olden times, sign-making was normally done by craftsman using simple hand tools and basic materials, but with the advent of technological development, the sign industry in general has rapidly been transforming more towards designer signs that employ high-tech machinery, highly skilled graphic designers and visualizers who come up with stunning designs that not only give the message or direct people but also generate an appeal for the user.  They almost talk back to us in a way flowers talk to a passionate gardener. Thus, the sign industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide, and the advancement in digital technology has by far been the biggest contributor to this development.

This is where Sign Industries Ltd comes in. We have continuously striven to be current with world-class standards in technology, material and designs. We have constantly been updating our machinery and material and have taken enthusiastic advantage of our perpetual international exposure to this industry. Our designs and output have our personal touch, created with feelings and art. They will energize your interior with new vibrancy and elevate your exterior with new beauty.

You are welcome to visit our modern showroom where you will find almost everything you need and beyond, all displayed for your convenience – from the modern Directory Boutique to the safety catwalk, fashion profiles, traffic spot light, Celebrity frames, nameplate empire, key holder parade and the new DIY section for the ‘motivated self-doers’ – all displaying wide selection of all types of modular and architectural signs to suit a corporate environment or match the taste of the conservative dudes or alternatively catering even the funky types.
Further information is available on our website and more advice and information can be sought through email. If you are not sure of what you want or simply need some professional advice, contact us for consultation service. Kindly see the chapter ‘consultation’.
We look forward to serving you with our personal touch.