Graphic Designs

Signage has been described as’ The Language of Visual Communication ‘whilst Graphic design described as ‘the art in visual communication’. They complement each other with the end product.  The graphic visual is supposed to stimulate the customer to change their purchasing habit. But the sign is not always targeted at the consumer. At times it is supposed to be used as directional or informative sign, mandatory or safety sign and like wise. Therefore it is important to identify the purpose and create a clear yet appealing image, message, symbols or design to serve the purpose.
With the advent of digital printers and digital technology in general, a poorly prepared graphic design will have done a great deal of injustice to the power of modern technology. Our art department will develop the concept based on the product, target, consumer and the culture in which the item in question need to be promoted. We are fully equipped in terms of hardware as well as software and human resources to generate the graphics visual that can either be printed or converted into a sign. At times we work in collaboration with the advertising agent who may be involved and guide them to the practical side of end product.
Types of signs:
There are many types of Signs, most commonly classified are outlined in Gallery.